Oakville High School
St. Louis, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Oakville High SchoolOakville High School (OHS) forges ahead of the curve in terms of new initiatives. Over 15 years ago we redesigned and implemented block scheduling. Through intense study and research, we adopted the Professional Learning Communities’ philosophies for 9 years. Staff attended PLC conferences such as the Professional Learning Communities at Work Institute each summer. Staff mentored first and second year programs and presented on three occasions at the Powerful Learning Conference. After a visit to Adlai Stevenson High School , OHS developed a freshman mentoring program extending our journey by merging onto the Character Ed. path – many teachers earned Character Education certification. Understanding that as our student body changes, so should our goals, we revisited OHS’s mission/vision revising our goals to meet our students needs. Staff shares data to improve student achievement and culture. Once our sojourn began, OHS worked zealously on our Character Ed. program. We were recognized with two years of honorable mentions for a state school of character in addition to receiving five Promising Practice awards. Academic excellence extended to participation in extracurricular activities as a goal realizing the more connected students are with the school, the more academically successful they will be. Collaboration of staff, parents, students and the formation and celebration of new initiatives, OHS continues their journey with the recognition of a  “School of Character” as a landmark in our expedition.

Lesson Plan
Bullying – The Ultimate Sign of Disrespect
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Becky Czuppon
Activities Director
5557 Milburn Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63129