Pittsburg High School
Pittsburg, Kansas
2015 National School of Character

Pittsburg High SchoolWhile proud of its traditions and achievements, in the past decade, Pittsburg High School has faced criticisms from students, staff and the public about drug use, bullying, and fighting.  In fact not so long ago, some referred to Pittsburg High School as Pharmacy High.  Today, however, students,  staff, parents, and the Pittsburg community celebrate the school’s achievements and take pride in individual, team and school-wide efforts to improve the climate and culture of the school and community.  The school focused on three tenets of school character to drive the plan for change:  responsibility, respect, and making safe and healthy choices.  Discipline referrals have significantly decreased 62% from 217 referrals in 2011-2012 to 82 in 2013-2014.   Academic improvements have been achieved as evidenced in the participation and exam performance on the Advanced Placement (AP) over the last five years.  Specifically, the enrollment in AP classes has doubled over the past six years and the participation rate on the exams has increased from 23% to 100% over that same time period.  Performance scores improved significantly as well with one class having over 50% earn a passing score of 3, 4, or 5.  Lastly, climate and culture changes have improved as evidenced with data measuring bullying behaviors, peer’s use of alcohol, feeling safe at school, and school climate and safety as perceived by parents.

Lesson Plan
Hungry for Hunger Games

Rhonda White
Assistant Principal
1978 E Fourth Street
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762