Union Elementary School
Belleville, Illinois
2015 National School of Character

Union Elementary School The character education journey of Union School began in the hearts of our parents, staff, and community.  Our collective desire and drive was to do what is right for boys and girls.  Historically, the guidepost for the achievement of that lofty goal was student performance on standardized tests and the number of behavior write ups at the end of the year.   If our students scored at a “meets or exceeds” and had good behavior,  we felt we were meeting our objectives.  Our classrooms were teacher-centered, parent involvement was primarily limited to extra-curricular activities, and community involvement occurred at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Students were awarded for academic performance and good behavior. Struggling students bore more negative consequences. Through conferences, book studies, and workshops, our awareness of our traditional methods and procedures was challenged.  Likewise, events occurring in the education community at large demanded that we examine how the atmosphere in our schools was leading students to turn against each other and themselves.  We could not, though the tragedies occurred miles from us, ignore the fact that we had a responsibility in the solution.  We had a growing realization that if we wanted to truly affect student motivation and performance, we were going to need to make some changes. We were going to need to take a look at our behavior management system, our student engagement practices, and parental and community involvement.

Lesson Plan
Be a Bucket Filler

Lori Taylor
20 South 27th Street
Belleville, Illinois 62226