William A. Miller School
Old Bridge, New Jersey
2015 National School of Character

William A. Miller ES Our school is diverse in nature and the desire to create a community among our students and students who can function positively in their community has driven our focus for character education. Our students come from different neighborhoods and economic and cultural backgrounds. We felt it was essential to create a sense of commonality and community among our student body. The connection our students would grow to feel would consequently bond them and that bond is essential to caring about one another and building character. We began our quest for a deep, comprehensive character education program several years ago through classroom curriculum and school wide dialogue. We continue to strengthen the curriculum and scope of the program incorporating families and focusing on character in expanded arenas and tangible practices. A highlight this year has been the expansion of our service learning project, reaching all aspects of our character pillars in one program. Students have formed a partnership with a senior living center in our town to recognize the birthdays of each senior living in the facility. Our students are interacting with seniors starved for conversation; discussing life lessons and sharing memories of life in the community. To see positive character traits displayed first hand by our students among each other and now in real life practice within our community has been affirmation that the growth of our character education curriculum is meaningful and measurable.

Lesson Plan
Choose Friends by Character, Not Color

Kimberley Giles
2 Old Matawan Rd.
Old Bridge, New Jersey 8857