Wylie E. Groves High School
Beverly Hills, Michigan
2015 National School of Character

Wylie E. Groves  High SchoolWith a total student population of nearly 1,300 in four grades, our students represent a wide spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds and are a global reflection of diversity as well. Groves High School has spent many years building a community of character. Along with our district, we have long journeyed through the development of initiatives and programs which have bolstered character in our school and community. In terms of programs, Groves High School employs a staff that does not take a compartmentalized approach to Character Education for our students. In other words, the staff does not leave it to the Character Ed Team to develop opportunities. Many of our programs and activities are intentionally woven into the classroom and community.  It has grown organically as our staff strives to promote core ethical and performance values for our students and community.

Lesson Plan
Ethical Dilemmas
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Monica Fugedi
School Counselor
20500 West 13 Mile Road
Beverly Hills, Michigan 48025