Helpful Tips

  • Build your team. Prior to completing your application online, you’ll want to assemble a team that will collect and reflect on the information. This will help you put together an excellent application and give you a snapshot of where you are on your character journey and where you want to go.
  • Try another browser if you encounter problems. Google Chrome has worked well for most when completing the application.
  • Plan out your artifacts. For each of the 11 Principles, we ask you to provide evidence of your implementation through artifacts, which must be pdf or Microsoft Word documents. You’ll have an opportunity to include links to web pages or videos in the “additional evidence” section.
  • Send your self-assessments requests early. Self-assessments are sent and managed through the application system. Make sure you leave your assessors enough time to complete the assessment before your submission.
  • Remember the character limits are set as a maximum. You do not have to use all of the characters to provide the information necessary. Also, note that spaces do count as characters in our system.
  • Compile your data early on and provide as many years as you can. In the data portion, you must provide at least 1 year of data for test scores, behavioral statistics and school climate surveys. For the other years, you may use “n/a” to fill required fields if you don’t have additional data.

Some of the info you will provide in the application:

  • A narrative of your character story: your history and areas of improvement
  • Your school’s implementation of the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education
  • Visual evidence (aka artifacts) of your character initiatives
  • Academic, behavioral, and climate data
  • Testimonials of stakeholders