Mockingbird Elementary School
Coppell, Texas
Coppell Independent School District

Mockingbird Elementary is located in an affluent community near the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Due to the district’s proximity to the airport and its excellent academic reputation, a number of families relocate to Coppell, and specifically Mockingbird (MKB). Mockingbird works hard to welcome all families and embrace its changing demographics.

School leaders became aware of the gap between the “trait of the month” and what was actually happening during unstructured times and began to target specific issues. The staff realized that character must be embedded in the curriculum to have meaning. MKB has implemented several initiatives since 2004. These include service learning, social skills with one minute skill builders, principal awards, R Time, Maverick of the Week, Mighty Maverick Awards, Mix It Up At Lunch, conflict resolution, Yellow Dino, Fill a Bucket, and Words of Wisdom.

Similarly, the district expected each school to emphasize a character quality of the month, but the District Education Improvement Committee realized in 2010 that it was not producing the desired results on campuses. The committee worked closely with community and staff on each campus to ensure that children were applying that knowledge day to day. The committee developed a strategic plan goal based on CEP’s  11 Principles. Mockingbird has served as a leader in these district-wide efforts.


Being kind and respectful and thoughtful is not just expected, it's the cool way to behave and the norm for our students!
- Patricia Badillo, Kindergarten Teacher

We don't have bullying issues. Our students are always helping each other. If a student drops something, another student picks it up. We help one another understand things in class too.
- James, 5th grader

Every time we visit Mockingbird, we see not only honesty and courage, but also well mannered students who respect each other, their teachers and their community.
- Tonia Clark, Vice President of LCFCU

Contact Information

Mrs. Sarah Blalock
300 Mockingbird Lane
Coppell, TX 75019
Phone: 214-496-8200