Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Belleville, Illinois
2016 School of Character

Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchoolOur character education journey began several years ago when the principal, parents, teachers, and students desired to collectively determine how we could educate our students more effectively along with helping them grow to become honorable, caring, and ethical adults in the future. At the time, our classrooms were teacher centered, parent involvement was linked with extra-curricular activities, and community involvement focused on major holidays. Students were rewarded for academic performance and punished for poor behavior. We felt that if we really wanted to affect student motivation and academic performance we needed to make some changes in the curriculum and culture of our school. So through collaboration, book studies, workshops, and the adoption of Whole Brain Teaching, we made significant strides in improving our behavior management system and setting high expectations for our students, improving our parental involvement significantly, and dramatically increasing student engagement.

Megan Vitale
Assistant Principal
820 Royal Heights Road
Belleville Illinois 62226
Email: mvitale@belleville118.org