Afton Elementary School
Yardley, Pennsylvania
2015 National Schools of Character

Afton Elementary SchoolSince its inception in 1997, the Afton school community has had a long standing tradition of community service. Under new leadership, character education was introduced to the students and staff in 2009 via Building Community through Literature. Here, principal selected texts were read to students in grades K – 5 on a quarterly basis to underscore a specific character trait. Grade levels then put the trait into action. This well-received initiative became the basis for school wide character education. With an open invitation, staff members from across grade levels and disciplines volunteered to form the Character Education Committee. This committee developed the Calendar of Character program, in which one of our 8 core values-good manners, gratitude, generosity, kindness, respect, good sportsmanship, friendship and good will- is showcased each month. The difference can be heard in the hallways and felt in our hearts. Both staff and students can be heard using people first language and messages to work out conflicts. Reminders of expected and unexpected behaviors are displayed on posters in our hallways. As a school, we have embraced inclusionary practices so that all students are active participants in our classrooms. Moreover, character education has had a profound impact on student achievement. In 2014, our School Performance Profile Score (SPP)) increased 11.3 points to 86.2 – demonstrating the greatest growth on the elementary district division out of ten schools.

Lesson Plan
Aid for Friends Valentine’s Day Service Project

Joseph P. Masgai
1673 Quarry Road
Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067