Bridgeport Elementary School
Bridgeport, New York
2015 National School of Character

Bridgeport Elementary SchoolBridgeport Elementary School (BE) is a K-5 school on the edge of Oneida Lake and is a proud member of the Chittenango Central School District. Our school, which started as a dream, has a rich history of family and community support. In the late 1800’s, students walked to many one room school houses along NY State Rt. 31. During the 1940’s, “The Mothers”™ Club, a group of dedicated local mothers, campaigned for one school in which all K-6 students could come together and receive a quality education. In 1952, their dream became a reality with the opening of our school. From the conception of BE to present time, our families and community strive to continue this dream of educating our students both in academics and strong moral values so that they become productive citizens of the 21st century. Although our school is diverse in regards to our socioeconomic makeup, our community realizes each student has a voice and is important to our school. Our students know they are cared for and supported at school no matter what they may face in their day to day lives. The 11 Principles from CEP are a wonderful resource for us at BE. The process of filling out this application has helped us to articulate and reflect on what we do each day to build a caring school community. Character Education (CE) at BE has been strengthened and we continue to carry on the legacy of “The Mothers”™ Club, ensuring that every student at BE has the quality education of which they once dreamed.

Lesson Plan
Thank You Mr. Falkner

Mary Farber
9076 North Road
Bridgeport New York 13030