Camden County Technical Schools  Gloucester Township Campus
Sicklerville, New Jersey
2015 National School of Character

Camden County Tech GloucesterFor years, the Gloucester Township Campus (GTC) of Camden County Technical Schools (CCTS) has implemented many forms of character education. However, it was not until another school in our district was classified as a State School of Character that we learned of  After reading’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education, we formed a School of Character Committee.  This committee met throughout the 2013-2014 school year, surveyed faculty, parents, and students and established 5 core values which were titled the “Warrior Way.”   The Warrior Way is now posted in the student handbook, on the school’s web and Facebook pages, on every student’s school ID card, and in every classroom, hallway, bathroom, and lunchroom. The Student Life Committee adopted the Warrior Way as a district document calling it the CCTS Elements of Character and infused it into all sports and student activities. Although our story has been evolving for years, it has improved its focus through the organization and format of’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education. This is evident when comparing our initial self assessments that occurred shortly after we first read the 11 principles to the self assessments included in this application. and this very application have given us a bird’s eye view of the many character education initiatives our dedicated teachers, counselors, and administrators implement each school year.

Lesson Plan
A Lesson In Empathy

John Hourani
Assistant Principal
343 Berlin Cross Keys Road
Sicklerville, New Jersey 8081