Complete High School Maize
Maize, Kansas
2015 National School of Character

Victor Hugo stated, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Complete High School Maize opened its doors as the alternative school for USD 266 in the fall of 1999.  Its primary goal was helping students earn their high school diplomas. CHSM has evolved into an experiential learning center for students in grades 9-12 who have either previously dropped out of school or are being unsuccessful at their traditional high school and at risk of dropping out. Throughout its 16 years, CHSM has helped over 365 would-be high school dropouts to reach this goal. More importantly, however, CHSM has attempted to not just graduate good students, but good people. After the inauguration of the character education initiative throughout the Maize USD 266 school district in 2007 called the “Maize Way,” CHSM staff members found a comfortable foundation to place their lofty goals and also discovered that the 10 traits highlighted by the district character education committee were not just something extra to be added to the plate; it was the whole plate. From that point forward, CHSM began organizing what it had been doing for years and adding the research-based “Maize Way” initiative to create a character education program so embedded within its full curriculum that it was no longer seen as “another” program at the alternative school, but “the” program itself, which everything else revolved around.

Lesson Plan
You Can Be a Hero

Heidi Albin
Science Teacher
745 W. Academy Ave.
Maize, Kansas 67101