Fallsington Elementary School
Fallsington, Pennsylvania
2015 National School of Character

Fallingston Elementary SchoolOur character initiative became a focused effort in 2006 when the staff collaborated to address inappropriate student behaviors, which permeated classrooms and prevented the effective delivery of instruction. A committee was created to develop a school wide discipline policy, which was based on expectations and consequences. The committee also recognized the need for positive behavior supports and the guidance counselor responded with a character education initiative, which introduced one character trait each month through an interactive lesson that was delivered to each class. In 2008, the committee reconvened to develop a more focused character initiative. The result was a revised initiative, which focused specifically on respect and responsibility.  Literature was sent to families to inform them about our new initiative.  During school events, the revised initiative was reinforced with students and their families.  All stakeholders embraced the initiative and changes in the school climate were quickly noted. Over the years, the greatest challenge has been maintaining student engagement and excitement.  With the arrival of our current principal, the initiative was reinvigorated.  The Fallsington Team collaborated to create our Core Beliefs, which were designed to reinforce our already established initiative.  To promote student engagement and excitement, we began facilitating assemblies to recognize students who demonstrated behaviors that represent our Core Beliefs.

Lesson Plan
Dr. King’s

Kristen Cahill
School Counselor
134 Yardley Avenue
Fallsington, Pennsylvania 19054