Francis Scott Key High School
Union Bridge, Maryland
2015 National School of Character

Francis Scott Key HSFive years ago, Francis Scott Key High School was in need of a change.  Discipline referrals and suspensions were at an all-time high, attendance was poor, and the overall environment of the school was not positive.  With a new administration and staff members willing to work towards making changes for a better institution, one conducive to the success of all of its students, the Character Education Committee was established.  Together, school staff, administrators, and students have taken ownership of the school.  We have worked diligently to set expectations of all stakeholders in order to enhance the daily learning environment.  The Character Education Committee has developed programs that encourage students to be successful not only at Francis Scott Key, but in life.  These programs focus on discipline, attendance, and academic success (GPA’s).  Through the work of the Character Education Committee and its stakeholders, the image of Francis Scott Key High School has changed.  Discipline numbers have consistently declined from over 3,500 referrals in 2009 to a little over 1,500 referrals in 2013.  Our attendance has also improved and suspension rates are down.  The school’s average GPA has also shown improvement and students are more successful in the classroom at all levels.  While the data shows FSK moving in the right direction, we as stakeholders believe there is always work to be done.  We continue to focus on how we can support the SIT plan to make FSK the best.

Lesson Plan
Discovering Empathy

Michelle Brilhart
Teacher / Character Education Chair
3825 Bark Hill Road
Union Bridge, Maryland 21791