Grace Early Childhood Care and Education Center
Belton, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Grace Early Learning CenterThe staff of Grace ECC are dedicated, highly skilled, and passionate advocates for young children. Each day, we come to work to nurture and care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers while educating parents,community members, and teens about child development and positive discipline. Authentic, organic CE is naturally embedded in everything we do. The work of guiding and nurturing young children’s development requires careful attention to social-emotional learning, self-regulation, conflict resolution, cooperative play, and burgeoning autonomy. 15 years ago, our staff began using Conscious Discipline to establish a culture of belonging and responsibility while scaffolding teachers’ emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills. We have experienced powerful transformations in our classrooms and culture, and we recognize that this journey is an ongoing process rather than a destination. Over the years, we have grown from two small part-time classrooms employing 4 staff, to an intentionally designed facility hosting 7 diverse programs and 69 staff members. This expansion has created challenges that range from physical space to material resources, especially in the area of faculty relationships.  Team-building, communication and collaboration across programs is an ongoing challenge, and the introduction of a formal CE initiative has helped us to assess this more clearly, gathering data, structuring reflection, and implementing proactive strategies for sustained improvement.

Lesson Plan
Creating a Responsible Classroom Community

Jill Brown
614  W.  Mill Sreet
Belton, Missouri 64012