La Cima Elementary Charter School
Brooklyn, New York
2015 National School of Character

La Cima Elementary Photo 3La Cima Elementary School was founded in 2008. Our mission is to prepare our scholars for academic and lifelong success through a rigorous and relevant academic program. Our vision is to develop students who have the intellectual capacity, social capital and emotional strength of character to personally successful and to act as effective change-makers in their communities. Our scholars was founded on 4 C.A.R.E. guiding principles to develop the character of our scholars. C is for Community: Together we are stronger. A is for Accountability: I am responsible for you and for me. R is for Reconciliation: I make peace with my words and my actions and finally E is for Effective Effort: I learn from my actions and never give up. These C.A.R.E. principles are at the heart of our character education program. Our scholars K-5 as well as all adults are expected to represent these principles daily. We believe that building character in the context of these principles allows La Cima to achieve our vision. We are also confident that our scholars carry these principles outside of our school walls, serving as an example to their families, friends and their communities. We orient all of our families to these principles, introducing it very early on when newly enrolled students prepare to attend our school.  Over the years, the C.A.R.E. principles have been proven effective in uniting us as a school and community.

Lesson Plan
Exploring Three Worlds – African arrival to New World

Tara Philips
Executive Director
800 Gates Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn New York 11221