Lawrence Road Middle School
Hempstead, New York
2015 National School of Character

Lawrence Road Middle School At the Lawrence Road Middle School, we are seeking to enhance our children’s future through our inclusive character education program.  The engine of our character education program is our familial atmosphere evident to all those who enter LRMS. Our extended advisory program allows students the opportunity to explore moral, ethical, and character issues in a small group setting.  This also provides the opportunity for workshops in DASA, anti-bullying and our core values. In addition to advisory, the Second Step program is done in all social studies classes.  Our core values of courtesy, kindness, respect and excellence are infused in everything that we do. A visitor to LR will see evidence of our character education program int he hallways, GP room, and the classroom. It is apparent in the way students treat each other and respond to any authority figure. The drastic reduction that LR has seen in inappropriate behaviors is a a positive affirmation of our character education program. We will continue to reflect and refine our character education program so that it becomes more deeply embedded, both in and out of school, and has a life-long impact on our students. As a family, LR will continue the journey of character education.

Lesson Plan
Bullying Prevention: Cyber Bullying

Dr. Constance Rhoden
Assistant Principal
50 Lawrence Road
Hempstead, New York 11550