M. Scott Carpenter Elementary School
Old Bridge, New Jersey
2015 National School of Character

M. Scott Carpenter Elementary SchoolHistorically, Carpenter has been an integral part of its community.  Before the concept of Character Education, teachers were engaging students in making their community a better place, evidenced by  the fact that Food Bank Collections have taken place for 23 years.  Carpenter has a rich history of inviting community representatives, leaders and stakeholders to help foster social responsibility.  In 2002, OBPS received a federal grant which brought our Elementary School Counselor Program (ESCP) on board. As part of a developmental program, OBPS believed that it was essential to be proactive rather than reactive to student behaviors. The 1st comprehensive social/emotional curriculum was designed by counselors, inspired by Piscataway Schools. The 1st MSC counselor introduced the school to the 6 pillars of Character Counts, lessons from Operation Respect, conflict resolution lessons from the NJ Bar Foundation and Kelso’s Choices.  In 2009 Carpenter was invited to the district’s Character Education team meetings and guided on how to collect data and was introduced to Character.org’s 11 Principles of Effective Character Education. Over the years 1 principal retired and the P/T counselor was assigned F/T in another school. As the new principal and counselor came on board, the momentum was not lost but had gained traction. A character education team was formed. As programs were put into place, stakeholders supported those efforts.  By the fall of 2013, MSC was proud submit its 1st  Character.org application.  With a final score of 3.0, MSC received Honorable Mention.

Lesson Plan
3rd Grade Teachers

Kirsten Tilton
School Counselor
1 Par Avenue
Old Bridge New Jersey 8857