Magnolia Elementary School
Joppa, Maryland
2015 National School of Character

Magnolia Elementary SchoolMagnolia Elementary School began the character education journey through PBIS five years ago.  Our school is much more than rewarding positive behaviors, it is teaching students invaluable character traits.  These traits came to life four years ago after a group of teachers and staff visited the Ron Clark Academy.  Based on that visit, five houses were established in our school to build a sense of school community, not only with our students and staff, but also with the student’s families.  Each house includes students from grades PreK-5 and all staff members. New this year is the program, Rachel’s Challenge, which emphasizes kindness and compassion. Rachel’s Challenge is taught in weekly house meetings and includes five challenges: influence, goal setting, journaling, acceptance, and kindness.  Each challenge includes five lessons based on Rachel Scott’s personal journals, life mottos, and personal accounts from friends and families about how Rachel positively influenced their lives. Our school also focuses on targeting students who need additional interventions. Those students are matched with a staff member who schedules time throughout each day to build relationships.  Our targeted students are participants of a group called “Strategies for Success” who meets monthly in order to build their personal strengths and allow time for deeper discussions in a small group setting.  Last, Whole Brain Teaching is a new school-wide initiative, which activates the whole brain.

Lesson Plan
True Colors

Jessica Lefever
Teacher Mentor
901 Trimble Road
Joppa, Maryland 21085