Memorial Elementary School
Laurence Harbor, New Jersey
2015 National School of Character

Memorial Elementary SchoolOur Character Education journey began by changing the perception of our school, from a typical elementary school to a learning community. We started off with the teachers modeling school spirit and showing excellence in character. Once the foundation was built, the students then contributed to our community by participating in interactive assemblies, creating character-based bulletin boards, and completing challenges based on the character word of the week. The students elected the husky as a mascot for our school.  A pledge was written and is recited daily.  Students were involved in developing a school motto entitled, “The Right Thing-Just Do.” Once CE was modeled and our motto became instilled in our students and faculty, we transitioned to using the character tools more effectively by incorporating them into their daily routines. We kicked off a new initiative with service learning. Our school held an Environmental Fair where students K-5, faculty, and community leaders all participated in educating the community on several environmental concerns that we face today. We participated in beautification projects like planting trees and cleaning up our local beachfront. Initial recognition of character was displayed through a rainbow program that developed into our mountain climber initiative. The journey continues with student involvement in developing new service learning projects; and intrinsically motivated students promote and model good character and school spirit.

Lesson Plan
Identifying Bullying in Text and Connecting to Real Life

Amy Najarian
school counselor
11 Ely Ave.
Laurence Harbor, New Jersey 8879