Northern Parkway Elementary School
Uniondale, New York
2015 National Schools of Character

Northern Parkway Elementary SchoolThe staff, students, and families of Northern Parkway School believe that an emphasis on character education helps to promote, encourage and create a safe and positive environment for everyone. Through character education, we are increasing students social competence and reducing aggressive behaviors. The dedicated staff of Northern Parkway works with students each day to foster a culture that is collaborative and student-centered. We are currently in the fifth school year of employing a school-wide Green Light Program which reinforces positive behavior in all students. Just prior to implementing this program, the staff analyzed the number of annual behavioral referrals and suspensions. These numbers were alarming as too many of our students were missing valuable class time. Over the past five years, staff and students have worked together to reduce student suspensions and raise performance. As measured by New York State, Northern Parkway has been the highest achieving school for academic growth in the district for the past three years. The Second Step Program is another program we use to help promote character. This pro-social program is used to teach social skills, anger management and problem-solving skills in order to decrease aggressive behavior. Students are given social situations, work collaboratively to remediate circumstances, and reflect and analyze their feelings. We are proud of the progress students have made as they truly are becoming well-rounded citizens.

Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac
Assistant Principal
440 Northern Parkway
Uniondale, New York 11553