Old Bridge High School
Matatwan, New Jersey
2015 National School of Character

Old Bridge High SchoolLeadership has the capacity to translate vision into reality. The narrative of Old Bridge High School’s inception read like a “to be continued” story for decades. During the radical 60’s, the town of Old Bridge rested with two separate high schools for over 30 years. 1994 saw our first merger of what became Old Bridge High School: two campuses separated by one mile. 2005 marked the birth of the third largest high school in New Jersey, a centrally located OBHS campus bringing together over 3,000 students from diverse soci-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Even with everyone under the same roof, a greater divide among colleagues was evident. Not until the introduction of our current administrative team was our high school properly unified into a single-functioning cohesive unit of Knight Pride. This newly acquired, motivated team of administrators would visualize not only what OBHS could be, but what it should be. Our administration proved its commitment to defining our character in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Taking over in 2012, our leaders adopted the slogan, Do The Right Thing. Collectively rallying behind our head administration allowed us to become connected to our staff, students, and especially our community. Our new rallying cry has witnessed us cope through loss and tragedy, while learning how to embrace the diversity that is OBHS. A common goal to better our school and community by giving back has created a belief and tradition in showing off our Knight Pride.

Lesson Plan
Respect University

Sally Fazio
Vice Principal
4209 Highway 516
Matatwan, New Jersey 7747