Oxford Valley Elementary School
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania
2015 National School of Character

Oxford Valley Elementary SchoolOur school journey began a few years ago in order to decrease reported incidents of bullying, improve school climate, and increase academic success among our students. We came up with a concept of the Cornerstones. We formed a Cornerstone Committee to strategize school wide and community based activities. These principles incorporate four main character traits reflective in certain behaviors. They are as follows: Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation and Sportsmanship. We have incorporated this in every classroom, using the same language and descriptions throughout the grade levels. The Cornerstones are visible throughout our school with posters, banners and recognition of student Cornerstone Stars, hanging throughout our hall ways. If a student is asked what our Cornerstones are, every student can quickly state them.  Students and teachers alike support this program as an extension incorporated into daily curriculum,  school experience and behavioral expectations. Colleagues, parents and community members tell us that they “feel” the difference in the school because of our character program. “People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built”. Eleanor Roosevelt

Lesson Plan
I Come From Poem

Patricia M. Gunerman
Guidance Counselor
430 Trenton Road
Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania 19030