Rogers Elementary School
Saint Louis, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Rogers Elementary SchoolThe mission of Rogers is to provide a safe, caring, and collaborative school community where students become lifelong learners and citizens of character. To achieve this mission, we believe the most effective way to teach values and character is by practicing and modeling character in every interaction. Character Education is embedded in our daily activities in and out of the classroom. It is difficult to determine exactly when the process of teaching character education began at Rogers; however, each year we grow stronger by utilizing character education as our guiding force. We incorporate character traits in all that we do – from greeting one another each morning to integrating values in daily instruction. Our school wide beliefs of, “take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of your school, and take care of your world,” are echoed throughout our entire school community. A parent recently communicated with our school that her children have introduced some of the qualities of character education into their family home life. She explained, “My girls come home from school and talk about how they take care of others when donating items to the needy. They also make efforts to pick up trash for a neighbor in order to take care of each other and their world.” As this mother gave thanks to our school for helping her children grow into citizens of character, we were reminded that our intentional efforts toward character education permeate throughout our community.

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