Fort Settlement Middle School
Sugar Land, Texas
2015 National School of Character

Fort Settlement Elementary SchoolSince Fort Settlement Middle School opened in 2001, our mission has been that we are committed to meeting the unique needs of our students by fostering a community of academic excellence and social responsibility. With that mission in mind, we teach, model, and value our expectations. From school-wide service projects to weekly character talks, character education has been at the forefront of our teaching. Our theme this year is “The Power of One.” We want our students to be the ones to serve as leaders, to offer a hand, to share a smile, to be a voice, and to make a difference. In weekly Advisory classes, students take an active part in lessons stemming from character traits where they set goals, explore their learning styles, apply critical thinking and study skills, and learn internet safety. Our students are taught expectations from day one; these expectations are revisited daily. Additionally, other character lessons are derived from our demographics. With students from nations all over the world, they bring not only their own cultural norms with them, but they also bring us lessons that many other schools are not as fortunate to have: lessons of acceptance. Our parents play an active role in our character education by developing coexistence lessons. Through these lessons, Advisory classes, and service projects, we are a 9-year Anti-Defamation League No Place for Hate school and became a State School of Character in 2012. Our character education journey continues daily.

Lesson Plan
3 – 2 – 1 Goal Setting

Susan Bakus
Campus Improvement Specialist
5440 Elkins Road
Sugar Land Texas
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