The Early/Middle College at Bennett
Greensboro, North Carolina
2015 National School of Character

Early-Middle College at Bennett Character Education has been a tenet of our school from its opening in January 2003. Character development for students was viewed as essential as academics, service, and leadership. Our school team spent time reflecting on the mission and vision of our school. From this reflection we developed the guiding principles for our school: Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Coach-ability. Our school slogan: Success is not an option, but an Expectation, indicates that we have high expectations for our students to meet the four tenets of our school. Our school displays positive quotes and posters which focus on the tenets of our school. We highlight Character Traits each month and recognize students who demonstrate these traits at monthly award programs. Weekly quotes and messages on character traits are shared with students weekly via student notes and are posted on our school’s web page and in our building.  Character education is included in students’ agendas, and is a focus of Academic Advising. Our community service club was organized in 2006 with 10 students. Currently due to the large amount of student interest, this club has 3 advisors and over 50 students. Providing service to others has impacted the character development of our students. As students provide service to others through the service learning club and through their content classes, their views have transformed from a self-centered life to an awareness of the needs and views of others in their community.

Lesson Plan
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Teresa Higgins
Curriculum Facilitator
610 Gorrell Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27406