William Chrisman High School
Independence, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

William Chrisman High SchoolWhen our previous superintendent saw a need in our community for character education, he formed a task force for the district to figure out how the schools could teach and support character education to our students and their families. William Chrisman was one of the first schools to lead the other buildings in our district’s initiative. Through our bi-monthly meetings, we developed our mission statement, needs, and terminology as a district. Chrisman was an active participant in this process. In August, 2007 we selected CHARACTERplus as our program and began developing what this would look like for us at Chrisman. From determining district traits, logo, and implementation schedule, Chrisman’s involvement has been central to the district’s process. Here at Chrisman, we met with students to determine needs and wants in the program, developed activities and a character council to increase student buy-in, and involved parents and community members in our journey. As we’ve grown, we continue to add and develop different aspects such as service learning, student-centered instructional strategies, community partners, and developing curriculum that is effective and relevant to our students. We consistently refer back to the data from yearly student, staff, and parent surveys evaluating our program. It has been a journey with successes and failures, but through it all we have grown together as a building to increase the positive impact we have on our students & community.

Lesson Plan
I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Tim Dial
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Independence, Missouri 64050