Windsor High School
Imperial, Missouri
2015 National School of Character

Windsor High SchoolWindsor High School is the perfect size.  It is large enough to provide our students with strong rigorous academics, a wide variety of extracurricular activities and athletics, and tremendous support from our parents, community and businesses.  Yet, our school is small enough to where teachers learn students’ names within a couple of days and can regularly reach out to parents regarding academic progress and concerns; and students, parents and teachers can chat while attending a sporting event.   Character education became a focal point of Windsor High School ten years ago.  With the arrival and vision of new administration, a foundation was developed  by teachers, support staff and the community  to create the Windsor Way. Another change in administration in 2009 pushed character education to the forefront.   Many activities were started to foster this new vision.  During the homecoming parade, high school students interact with lower grade levels to model the Windsor Way.  The MASC (Missouri Association of Student Councils) convention was held at Windsor High School in the Spring of 2014 which hosted 929 delegates and 236 sponsors from all over the state.  There are regular opportunities for students to participate in events to help others in need such as a holiday toy drive and food baskets, providing supplies for our military and even helping students or teachers who need an extra hand.   For those who attend Windsor, this is known as the Windsor Way.

Lesson Plan
The Windsor Way

JoAnn Marty
Language Art Teacher / Student Council Advisor
6208 Hwy 61/67
Imperial, Missouri 63052