New Brunswick Middle School
2015 Promising Practice

The Life, Career, & College Advisory
The Life, College, and Career Advisory (LCCA) is a school-wide social and emotional learning curriculum that also focuses on character development. Advisories meet daily for sixteen minutes every morning. This is facilitated by the teachers in the middle school, who follow the daily lesson plans created by a team of teachers and counselors. The lesson plans are developmentally differentiated by grade. The sixth grade is structured with interactive game-like activities focused on developing student identity and self-awareness. The seventh grade lessons begin to become less structured and focus on relationships with peers and family. The eighth grade involves more free-form discussions and writing prompts and focuses on serving the local and global community. As part of the LCCA program, each class selects one Ambassador who will represent their class. These Ambassadors facilitate weekly discussions within their advisory classrooms about school-related concerns. The Ambassadors’ training focuses on leadership and are placed on various teams with specific missions to improve the school’s culture and climate.

Main Contact
Macey Marko