Valley Center Intermediate School
2015 Promising Practice

Be The Change: Make a Difference Beyond You
VCIS is committed to empowering both students and staff to look beyond themselves and create a positive change in our school and community. “Be The Change”-A call to action: VCIS kicked off the school year by encouraging students to not only notice the issues in our school and community that need to be addressed but also do something about it. In homerooms, during our anti-bullying awareness week, students took a pledge to “Be The Change” and committed to performing at least one action daily that will make our world a better place. Finally, through a variety of ongoing opportunities to get involved, students are invited to take action and respond to this call. “Make a Difference Beyond You”- In addition to empowering students to become the change in our world, school staff also take time to reflect on what it means to “go beyond yourself” in order to make a difference in the lives of our students. Staff receive ongoing professional development through individual and group reflection, book studies, team meetings, and planned data talks. These activities are all intended to help staff develop empathy for students and empower them to go outside “their box” to inspire change.

Main Contact
Nicole Burdette
School Counselor