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As part of the Schools of Character program, gives Promising Practices to educators around the world for implementing unique and specific strategies in character education. 

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The LVAIC Character and Sportsmanship Council
Nazareth Area High School
Nazareth, Pennsylvania
The LVIAC SAC Council is dedicated to the development and promotion of character and sportsmanship within the schools and community.
Intramural Sports Program
Imagine East Mesa
Mesa, Arizona
Our intramural sports program teaches our students to show good character through sportsmanship, to face challenges, to accept winning and defeat with grace and dignity, and gives opportunities for leadship.
Character Camp
Bayless Elementary School
St. Louis, Missouri
Character camp is a year-end celebration that encompasses various activities that promote character education, planning, research, creativity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and community involvement.
Class Character Competition - “The Golden Stone”
Thomas Stone High School
Waldorf, Maryland
Students compete monthly in areas such as attendance, community service projects, recycling drives, food drives, blood drives, clothing drives, grade point averages, and least amount of disciplinary referrals in an attempt to win "The Golden Stone."
Setting the Structure for a Sucessful Recess
South Grafton Elementary School
South Grafton, Massachusetts
South Grafton Elementary School setting the structure for a successful recess.
“Soup”er Bowl Celebration
Sag Harbor Elementary
Sag Harbor, New York
Enthusiasm and sportsmanship come together to support our “Soup”er Bowl service learning event that benefits the local food pantry.
The Year of the JagBull
Antonia Middle School
Barnhart, Missouri
Athletes split up to compete against each other, but seek to remember that they will again be teammates.
Athlete of Character Award
St. Clair Junior High School
St. Clair, Missouri
The Athlete of Character Award is given at the end of each activity to a player from the opposing team.
Pinning Down Breast Cancer
Oakville High School
St. Louis, Missouri
Oakville and Lindbergh wrestlers competed in a dual meet with proceeds from ticket sales and donations to benefit cancer research.
Janssen Elementary School
Combined Locks, Wisconsin
Low-competitive, organized recess games teach values and help build school community.
Sports with Character
Lindbergh School District
St. Louis, Missouri
Coaches and athletes adhere to a strict code of character as they reflect on sportsmanship and recognize it in opposing teams.