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As part of the Schools of Character program, gives Promising Practices to educators around the world for implementing unique and specific strategies in character education. 

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Anti-Bullying Week
Troy Ninth Grade Center
Moscow Mills, Missouri
One week devoted to promoting anti-bullying and treating each other with respect takes place in September.
Bully Awareness: Creating a Safe Learning Environment
Salam School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Salam School empowers students by teaching them about bullying and ensures a safe learning environment with a zero tolerance bullying policy.
1 Less Bully...1 More Friend
Oxon Hill High School
Oxon Hill, Maryland
To educate the youth of Prince George’s County about the harmful effects of cyber-bullying and bullying so that students will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their potential in a peaceful and non-threatening environment.
Project S.A.V.E.
Pershing Elementary
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Our mission is to encourage students to become caring individuals and stop bullies from becoming a part of our environment; instead, students will focus on positive character traits and recognize and celebrate each other’s successes.
“Stand Up to Bullying” Week
Neosho R-5 School District
Neosho, Missouri
The Neosho R-5 School District focused on a week of activities to prevent bullying, help students develop strategies to “stand up” to bullying, and “take up” for the victims of bullying.
Bully Prevention Month
Laurel Middle School
Laurel, Mississippi
The month of January was designated as "Bully Prevention Month" at Laurel Middle School in order to instill positive character development in our middle school students.
Bully Free-- the Way to Be!
Central Junior High School
Belleville, Illinois
Student-driven bully-free club is successful in deterring bullies and helping those who are bullied.
Building Tolerance and Accepting Differences
Booker Middle School
Sarasota, Florida
Six-week program that helps identify, reduce, and eliminate bullying and peer cruelty.
Stand Up to Peer Mistreatment Week
Berkshire Middle School
Beverly Hills, Michigan
Using empathy, unity, and Berkshire pride to teach anti-bullying tactics and leadership.
Peace Agreement
Batesburg-Leesville Elementary School
Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina
The "Peace Agreement" is a contract between two or more students who agree to get along civilly with each other.
ABC 123 Anti-Bullying Club Is For Me!
Alma Schrader Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Five second-grade students started a school-wide anti-bullying club initiative by composing a club song, designing and selling t-shirts, and creating a banner and membership cards for students pledging peace and kindness to all.
Pink Shoe Club
Worthington Elementary School
Chillicothe, Ohio
The Pink Shoe Club is an after-school program designed to empower girls to successfully deal with the challenges of relational aggression.
Bus Drivers Rock Campaign
Stanton Elementary School
Fenton, Missouri
Student leaders take pictures, interview and devise games to intentionally get ALL students to use names of support staff and create relationships with their bus drivers, cooks, custodians, and secretaries.
Reynolds Middle School's Bully Free Pledge
Reynolds Middle School
Hamilton, New Jersey
The Reynolds Middle School's community unites to sign a pledge to create a bully-free school.
Project B.R.A.V.E. (Bullying Reduction and Anti-Violence Education)
Joseph H. Brensinger Public School # 17
Jersey City, New Jersey
5th graders learn appropriate techniques to prevent and respond to bullying in a safe and non-violent manner.
School Safety Reports
House Springs Intermediate School
House Springs, Missouri
School Safety Reports were developed to allow the students to report bullying they may observe or experience.
Mikey and Me
Pinellas Central Elementary School
Pinellas Park, Florida
Students learn character traits through a school-wide news program that aims to cut down on bullying.
Lunch and Learn
Kingston Elementary School
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Students engage in structured activities during their lunch recess in order to cut down on bullying.
Fifth-Grade Community Building
Bingham Farms Elementary School
Bingham Farms, Michigan
Students engage in reflection and simulation activities to create caring classroom communities and cut down on bullying.
Beverly Bobcat Bully Busters
Beverly Elementary School
Beverly Hills, Michigan
Fourth- and fifth-grade students act as playground role models and helpers for younger students.