Bayless Elementary School
St. Louis, Missouri

We Are Family
The character education committee at Bayless wanted to develop a school-wide activity that would foster belonging in their school. They created “puzzle piece” people from file folders to use as patterns. Then all students, teachers, administrators, support staff, as well as custodians and lunchroom helpers cut out the pieces and decorated them to represent themselves. Class meetings and discussions were held to talk about the things that families do. What makes a family unique and special? Finally, each person wrote a sentence or two about how Bayless is part of their family. The people were placed over every door in the school. The students, faculty, parents, and community loved looking at the different “people pieces” and the messages they sent. Everyone felt like they learned something about someone in our school community that they didn’t know. Bayless Elementary is made up of individuals from 17 different countries who engage in many diverse customs, social norms, and practices. What would to some be a seemingly difficult obstacle to overcome, Bayless staff have chosen to use as a unique opportunity to facilitate unity in the school. It has made such an impact and has helped support the school mission statement emphasizing empowerment, caring and respect.  

Main Contact
Mrs. Amy Davis