Beverly Elementary School
Beverly Hills, Michigan

Beverly Bobcat Bully Busters
The Beverly Bully Busters program was initiated by the school's fourth-grade character education steering committee. Students assess needs and brainstorm solutions.  The fourth grade group polled students at recess and learned that bullying was the issue that most concerned our students. The staff and parents agreed that, even though Beverly students did not experience more bullying than at other area schools, this was a good focus for our school. The result of their brainstorming was the Beverly Bobcat Bully Busters. Bully Busters are trained to respond to disputes using the Sunburst Mediation Workshop video. Duties include helping children problem-solve or get involved with others, and for serious problems they get a playground supervisor. Bully Busters are proud to wear their Bully Buster pin. They also coined the phrase “Use Paws Not Claws,” to help younger students remember to use appropriate behavior whether or not the Bully Busters are on duty. After implementing the program, staff surveyed their students and learned that 212 of 217 students knew what “Paws not Claws” meant and 198 of 217 students now feel safe from bullying. Older students monitor their behavior because of the increased awareness caused by being role models.  

Main Contact
Mrs. Sheryl Davenport