Alma Schrader Elementary School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Celebrating Our Constitution and Our Heroes Past and Present
Alma Schrader's program, "Constitution Day and Heroes Recognition Program ~ Celebrating Our Country, Our Constitution and Our Heroes Past and Present" has become a time honored tradition since September 2002. The students and faculty of Alma Schrader host this program to pay homage to our United States Constitution, our country's forefathers, and our modern- day heroes. The program is conducted on or around Constitution Day and is the culmination of a school-wide cross curricular Constitution and patriotic related study. The school family regards this program as a gift to the community in celebration of the country and the many sacrifices provided by those who serve her. Local heroes, including government officials, first responders, military personnel and veterans are invited to attend by students and faculty members. Honorees are invidividually introduced by students and presented with certificates dennoting them as eternal heroes of Alma Schrader Elementary School. Especially proud participants are grandparents and veterans whose service was provided long ago. This program has become a welcome tradition within the school and community at large.

Main Contact
Ms. Julia Unnerstall
School Counselor