Babler Elementary School
Wildwood, Missouri

Give Me Five
Students are given an opportunity to extend their service learning outside of the school walls. “Give Me Five” is the service program that the counselors encourage every student to participate in and reflect on the impact of their work. Children are taught about the value of helping others and ways that they can take care of each other, our community and our world. After the instruction, students are challenged to look for five different activities that they can initiate or participate in that would be a service to others. Ideas are suggested and some opportunities are available through the school. By choosing some of their own experiences they are developing leadership, compassion and purpose. This challenge provides a strong rational for participating in acts of kindness. The students have the entire year to complete the challenge and Give Me Five! The students log their activities on a paw print and return them to school for display. The children who participate know that they will not receive tangible rewards for helping others and being part of this program. Instead they are motivated by the feeling of taking care of someone else and knowing they have made a difference.

Main Contact
Ms. Missy Parker