Beasley Elementary School
St. Louis, Missouri

Veterans Parade
Beasley is located across a parking lot from Jefferson Barracks Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The whole school community is involved in the interaction and support of the Veterans hospital, and it starts in the first grade. Community volunteers and staff aid in helping our 51 first grade students with the tradition to dress up into their Halloween costumes and lead a parade to the Veterans hospital. The patients, their families and the staff all welcome the students in this practice. The goal is to teach the students about Veteran’s Day as well as what it means to be a veteran. The students read, learn, and do activities based on Veteran’s Day. They also have veterans come talk with them. Service, community, sacrifice and other character traits are taught and discussed. This activity leads us to be proactive in teaching and developing good character. Students that share an early exposure of interacting with their community internalize the experience and take joy in serving others.

Main Contact
Ms. Susie Montgomery
PE Teacher