Central Junior High School
Belleville, Illinois

Homework Heroes
As a way to help the students who are at risk of failing mainly due to incomplete work, the school implemented a Friday homework club that meets every Friday after school until 6:15 P.M. One staff member offered to supervise this club. Teachers were required to get any absent or incomplete work to the supervising teacher before the end of the day on Friday. The numbers began growing, and there were too many students for one teacher to help all these kids, so the supervising teacher asked for help from the students! Calling themselves “Homework Heroes”, honor roll students who wanted to help brought in permission slips to stay after school on Friday! The club had 24 students willing to give of their time to help the struggling students complete work, clean out lockers, locate missing work and study. One of the goals was to get help for the struggling students. In turn, an added benefit is that the heroes continue to evoke pride at Central Junior High. This program has given so many of the students confidence and self- motivation.

Main Contact
Ms. Madonna Harris
Dean of Students