Chesterfield Elementary School
Chesterfield, Missouri

Green Influence
As a service learning project, the Chesterfield Elementary students researched and introduced composting. By researching on composting, the school encouraged all members of the school community to compost.The project participants  educated students and staff about composting and its effect on the school. The participants visited classrooms and brought posters and examples of what could and could not be composted. They created brochures and emails with parents on what composting is and the benefits it has to the environment.The school spoke at PTO and building staff meetings to educate the staff. Also, the participants introduced composting to the lunch program and saved hundreds of pounds of food scraps from local landfills. The school then used the compost in the school HOPE Garden. Composting is no longer only a school activity; it has expanded to the home lives of the families.

Main Contact
Ms. Mitzy Cruzen
4th grade teacher