Cranford High School
Cranford, New Jersey

Pathways to Inclusion
Pathways to Inclusion is a student-generated program which partners the students in our school with the disabled children in town. It is a wonderful opportunity for children of all abilities and disabilities to work together. The students in the school recognized that the disabled children in the town were lacking the social opportunities afforded to many of their “typical” schoolmates. The students have been formally trained in working with children with disabilities and have attended meetings with parents. This training also involved a great deal of research. After the training, the students met collaboratively with district staff and parents to identify the particular needs of these children and began to develop programs accordingly. The programs involve the events such as bowling, dance, soccer, board games, etc. for the community’s children, whose disability prohibits participation in most of the present recreation programs. The parents are glad to see the progress their children have made with social expectations and skill development as a result of this program.

Main Contact
Mr. John Arlotta
Supervisor of Academic Affairs