Cypress Woods Elementary School
Palm Harbor, Florida

The Student-Led 10-Minute Character Talk
Cypress Woods Elementary School has committed itself to a daily community recess-period of 15 minutes for every child in 1st through 5th grade. For the last three years every Friday at PE class the PE Staff at Cypress Woods has delivered the 10-Minute Character Talk. Cypress 5th graders requested the opportunity this year to give the Talks to the younger grades, and this new Practice was born. Twice a month on a Friday at PE class, 5th graders deliver 10-Minute Talks to 120 younger students at a time. The Student-Led Character Talk allows the oldest children in the school to take ownership of the recess environment. In addition to behavior maintenance, the Talks further open the way toward student empowerment, motivation, and ownership. Thinking and interpersonal skills are practiced to a very high degree in a real situation. This powerful and unique speaking opportunity has allowed 5th graders to establish themselves as the moral leaders of the school. The current 4th graders are eager to assume this leadership mantle next year.

Main Contact
Mr. Jim Harte
PE Specialist