duPont Manual High School
Louisville, Kentucky

Service Learning Mania
The best way to learn how to make a positive difference in the community is to go out, and just do it! That is the essence of the service-learning program at duPont Manual High School. Each student identifies a real need in the community, the region, nation, or world, and designs a project that aims to address that need. The projects require a high level of organization and personal responsibility. As freshmen, these students discover early in their high school careers the value of being involved and contributing to their community. They learn about why and how they can “choose to participate.” The school believes that the combination of real experience with challenging academic work is the best way to develop students' skills as citizens. The program's mission statement is “Be an UP-stander, not a BY-stander!” The hope is that the students will develop a desire to continue with a lifetime of choosing to participate and helping others.

Main Contact
Ms. Merritt Robinson