Emma L. Arleth Elementary School
Parlin, New Jersey

Sayreville Steps Up
Arleth School is one of four kindergarten-to-third-grade elementary schools in the Sayreville Public School District and the one with the most special needs children. The school has special needs students in self contained classes on all grade levels with four classes specifically for children who are classified as multiply disabled and autistic. The school has a monthly character trait, i.e., trust, acceptance, kindness, citizenship, integrity, fairness, caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Sayreville Steps Up integrates all of these traits within the school community in a number of different ways. The special education faculty teach a lesson on the characteristics of the special needs children, especially those with autism, to all of the regular education classes. The school community of children, parents, principal, teachers, staff and Sayreville community members raise money for Autism Speaks and Special Olympics through bagging groceries at a local food store, writing a cookbook, participating in walks, and organizing teams of community members to run in marathons to raise awareness of the needs of special education children. All of these practices help all the members of the school community to develop acceptance and an understanding of the differences.

Main Contact
Ms. Alyssa Garnett