Endeavour Elementary Magnet School of Technology
Cocoa, Florida

KITTENS: (Kindergarteners Inventing Teaching Tools Encouraging Numerous Students)
KITTENS: Kindergarteners Implementing Teaching Tools Encouraging Numerous Students is the kindergarten service learning project to help students younger than themselves to prepare for the next grade level. The kindergarteners make flash cards and other games, write books and pack them into a learning bag along with a journal, crayons, and a stuffed animal. They invite PreK classes to visit the kindergarten class where a kindergartener partners with a PreK student and practice how to use the KITTEN bags. The KITTEN bags are then given to the PreK students along with a parent note on how to use the bag over summer vacation in order to be prepared for kindergarten in the fall. The school donates any extra bags and learning games to the local Children’s Medical Services. The project supports the school, local community PreK (Headstart) and district community (Children’s Medical Services), while it reinforces learning concepts and appropriate skills in my kindergarteners.