Floresville Primary School
Floresville, Texas

Every Child Lends a Helping Hand
Every Child Lends a Helping Hand is Floresville Primary's commitment to the students and community. By utilizing the lens of service learning, students select projects based on their own interests and academic abilities. By putting the projects in the hands of the teachers and students, the school was able to get 100% participation. Projects ranged from running a store to benefit soldiers in Iraq to creating care bags for the local hospital. The results were profound! Through the efforts, the school is seeing the students move beyond basic moral character traits to demonstrating performance character traits as well. The evidence shines through in the campus Service Learning Blog, http://tigershare.wordpress.com/ which is open to public viewing and commenting. 90% of students surveyed gave their projects the highest rating of "great!"  Based on the excitement service learning has generated in the students, the school is confident that the seeds planted this year will continue to grow and flourish for generations to come!

Main Contact
Ms. Shelley Keck