Fox High School
Arnold, Missouri

YAP Service Learning Project
Fox High School students participated in a service-learning program titled “YAP” - Young Athletes Program -- run by the local Special Olympics chapter to connects volunteers with special needs children. YAP offers people in the community an opportunity to train children aged 3-8 for the Special Olympics. The eight week program introduces children to the Special Olympics and focuses on building basic skills. They studied ways to connect with the younger students on a level that was comfortable and purposeful. As this project unfolded, meaningful friendships began to develop as volunteer students served as mentors and role models to their younger partners. Through classroom discussions and collaborative meetings, students have shared their experiences and reflected upon their success. They have made true connections with their YAP partners that have inspired them to do more! Through collaboration, peer teaching, mentoring, assessing and reflecting, they see their actions bringing change, building connections, and bridging a gap.

Main Contact
Ms. Gina Buehner
Assistant Principal