George Guffey Elementary School
Fenton, Missouri

With L.O.V.E. - Letting Others Value Empathy
George Guffey Elementary has partnered with the Division of Social Services for the service learning project titled With L.O.V.E. - Letting Others Value Empathy. There are many children in the local community that enter the foster care system and the students wanted to do something to brighten their day during a traumatic time. The students at Guffey studied empathy. The focus was on the thinking, feeling, and behavior. The students realized that there are children who go through traumatic times, and through the study of empathy they discussed how it might feel to be a child entering the foster care system, and then they decided to act and do something for these children. Each classroom decided how they were going to tie the curriculum to their project. Students made books, bookmarks, flashcards, coloring books and many other items for the With L.O.V.E. bags. Students in the Guffey Character Council decorated the canvas bags and filled the bags with the items from each classroom. The With L.O.V.E. -Letting Others Value Empathy practice will take place three to four times a year.

Main Contact
Ms. Jennifer Fritz
Assistant Principal