Hamilton High School West
Hamilton, New Jersey

Gobble up for Cancer
The students of DECA and the staff of Hamilton High School West after a week of collecting donations and running different events raised $1,050 toward cancer research. The event brought the students and staff united to help a good cause.The first event that took place was having the faculty members donate $3 to help "Gobble up Cancer." Once the faculty members made their donations they were asked to write their names on a feather and it was later attached to a giant turkey poster located in the school main office. To include the students, the first annual "DECA Volleyball Night" was created. The students were happy to play in the volleyball tournament, but what motivated them even more was having the school staff play against them. There were 20 student teams and two faculty teams, which lead to a huge success. The students demonstrated respect because they cheered for each team. Responsibility and caring were demonstrated by committing their time to make this fundraiser. Citizenship is the character trait that stands out the most, and the students felt united, working together for this cause.

Main Contact
Ms. Angie Schwartz
School Counselor