House Springs Intermediate School
House Springs, Missouri

School Safety Reports
School Safety Reports were developed at House Springs Intermediate to allow the students to report bullying they observe or experience. In the report, students are asked to identify the bully and the bullying activity; it is then turned in to the counselor or the principal to be investigated. In preparation for the implementation of the Safety reports, school staff developed a common definition of bullying behaviors and agreed to the consequences for those actions. Teachers are notified when a safety report concerns one of their students, either as a target of bullying or as the one doing the bullying behavior. During the two full years of implementation, 210 school safety reports have been completed and acted upon by the principal or guidance counselor. In an end of the year survey, students reported that they liked the school reports and believed they had made a difference to the climate of the school. In February of this year, over 70 students have responded to a blog prompt in their computer class regarding the efficacy of the reports. In general, the overall feeling is that they do make a difference and have a safer school as a result.

Main Contact
Ms. Debra Padgett
Professional School Counselor