Imagine Klepinger Community School
Dayton, Ohio

Kind Heart Flowers
At Imagine-Klepinger Community School, students created words of kindness and passed them around the school.They brainstormed as a group and came up with a number of kind words and compliments they could share with others. The compliments were typed, and pictures were added. The students placed the comments on construction paper and made them into flowers. The flowers were stapled to Popsicle sticks. On the back of each flower was a note that said “Pass it On”. The students began delivering their messages in the cafeteria. By the end of the day the kind messages had circulated throughout the building and students were discussing how many kind words they received and how many they passed on. They were talking about what the statements said and how the statements made them feel. There was a teacher who received one and she expressed how the kind words made her day. This practice definitely contributes to character development by giving students the opportunity to express positive feelings towards others therefore boosting self-esteem for some students.

Main Contact
Ms. JaWanna Bankston
Second Grade Teacher